Planning a career path in retail pharmacy? Being a pharmacist requires a strong knowledge of both how to interact with people and how people chemically interact with drugs. Candidates are expected to be able to provide outstanding customer service, so most questions are directed towards highlighting your communication and interpersonal skills in difficult or vague situations. Using Rx Career Pro’s Retail Pharmacist Interview Coaching Services,  provides a candidate with the interviewing skills necessary to secure a job in the pharmacy field.

Our mission at Rx Career Pros is to provide each candidate a better understanding of the interviewing process in becoming a pharmacist. With over 23 years of industry hiring and coaching experience, we can help you land your next job. Offering resume review services, mock interviews and pre-interview brush-up, you can feel prepared on your first interview.

Being well prepared for your interview can be what takes you over the top and puts you one step closer to a job offer. Are you ready to move forward?

In case you are a recent pharmacy graduate, you must spend some time going over the answers to habitually asked questions at a job interview, before you meet your potential employer. It is normal to feel a little apprehensive; however, getting help for an interview helps reduce your nervousness, boosts your confidence and helps you make a good impression.

When you do get that opportunity to interview, it is important that you take every advantage you can get to get that job offer. This means you take full advantage of the pre-interview process by being prepared.  Keep in mind that job interviews are your best opportunity to make a terrific first impression on your potential supervisor(s) and coworkers

Every interview candidate dreads being asked certain questions. No matter how much you prepare and practice, you are likely to be asked one or two questions that leave you searching for the right response. Let us help you in Selling the Powerful Brand of ME so that recruiters will want YOU!

With our One on One Video Coaching packages you are ensured training with a professional that has years of experience in the hiring and coaching experience of a pharmacist. With Rx Career Pros you have access to world class, highly educated experts with a diverse range of skills and experience — all ready to help you build more happiness and success into your life at YOUR convenience.

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